Tuesday, October 22, 2013

AmeriCorps Funding Available

Are you looking for a way to foster civic participation in your community? The Corporation for National Community Service (CNCS) is accepting applications for State and National AmeriCorps grants.

For more than 20 years, CNCS has worked with individuals and organizations to address some of the most complex challenges facing our communities. AmeriCorps – a community service program within CNCS – engages individuals in community service through an approved national service position. While volunteering, AmeriCorps members bring leadership, resources and support to community efforts that promote education, employment, health and other key outcomes. As volunteers, members may receive a living allowance and, upon successful completion of service, receive an AmeriCorps Education Award. Recognizing that community service benefits an entire community and creates a pathway to education and employment for individual AmeriCorps members, CNCS is invested in ensuring that all citizens have access to participate, especially those that are often underrepresented, including people with disabilities, veterans and military families, Native Americans, and “Opportunity Youth" - the one in six young people (ages 16-24) who are disconnected from school or work.

Funding for AmeriCorps members must support one of the following focus areas:
  • Disaster Services: Grants will support activities aimed at increasing the preparedness of individuals, improving individuals’ readiness to respond, helping individuals recover from disasters, and helping individuals mitigate disasters.
  • Economic Opportunity: Grants will support services and resources that contribute to the improved economic well-being and security of economically disadvantaged people, including improving access to financial literacy, affordable housing and employment services.
  • Education: Grants will provide support for services that improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged students.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Grants will support services that contribute to increased energy and water efficiency, as well as renewable energy use and improved ecosystems.
  • Healthy Futures: Grants support community health services, including improving access to primary and preventive care, increasing seniors’ ability to remain in their homes and increasing physical activity and nutrition among youth in an effort to reduce childhood obesity.
  • Veteran and Military Families: Grants will support CNCS programs that support military service members and their families and aim to increase the number of veterans and military families engaged in community service.
Eligible applicants for AmeriCorps funding include: public or private nonprofit organizations, including faith-based and other community organizations; institutions of higher education; government entities within states or territories; labor organizations; and partnerships and consortia. Applicants must submit a Notice of Intent to Apply no later than December 11, 2013. Completed applications will be due Wednesday, January 8, 2014. Grantees will be notified by April 18, 2014. 

It is important to note that organizations proposing a project that operates in only one state must apply for funding through the Governor-appointed State or Territory Commissions. Each state and territory administers its own selection process and puts forward to CNCS the applicants they select to compete for funding. Organizations can learn more about their State Commissions, including grant processes and deadlines, by clicking here.
For more information about the Corporation for National and Community Service, click here.

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